Vincent Andreula

Vincent, known as Vinny to family and friends, is a successful entrepreneur who has owned five businesses prior to starting CannaCure Sciences.  His story took him on an incredible journey from Wall Street to Main Street; where his natural entrepreneurial spirit flourished.
Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Vinny formerly served as a Vice President at Capital One; a Fortune 500 company. Upon marrying his wife Viktoriya and starting his family, Vinny made the move to the great state of New Hampshire where he purchased an organic farm, opened a gym and fully immersed himself in the business and lifestyle of health and wellness.
When their young son began experiencing some concerning skin issues, Vinny dedicated himself to finding natural and holistic answers, not satisfied with the options offered by the allopathic medical industry.  This was the birth of CannaCure Sciences, sprung from Vinny’s New Hampshire kitchen where he spent countless hours researching, mixing and testing different ingredients until he was satisfied with the final results.
As his company grew, he brought in his brother and sister-in-law, both also in the health and wellness field.  The family now strives to create new and innovative products that are both gentle and effective, combining holistic wisdom with modern science.  Based on his prior business experience and analysis, Vinny projects a sharp increase in the demand of organic skincare products and is confident in the role of CannaCure Sciences to help meet that demand.

Michael Andreula

The youngest of four boys, Michael began working at a gym at 14 years old.  He learned the business and industry as a personal trainer, helping thousands of clients reach their fitness goals.  He and his wife Kristie started ReBoot Camp Retreats in 2011, taking small groups of clients and gym members out of their stressful, unhealthy lives in the city and into 7-10 day immersive trips to Italy, Costa Rica, Paris, and Mexico.  These retreats offer twice-per-day training by Mike and Kristie, healing body work and nutritional counseling.  They also run the Body Transformation Experiment locally, helping people struggling with their weight to understand their body’s response to carbohydrates and hunger, resulting in some incredible transformations.
At the same time, Michael acts as Head Trainer for CKO Kickboxing, instructing group kickboxing classes and serving as Franchise Trainer for new locations.  At this point, Michael has taught over 20,000 hours of kickboxing classes, produced over 500 hours of online instruction videos, and hosts a podcast where he talks with some of the most innovative people in the health and wellness industry, including Gary Taubes, Steve Maxwell and Wim Hof.

Kristie Andreula

Originally from Rochester, New York, Kristie holds a degree in Biology with a concentration in Health Science.  One of her earliest memories is of picking fresh herbs and mint leaves from her grandmother’s garden, which they then dried on the dining room table and used to make healing teas all winter long, soothing headaches and stomach upsets.
Kristie’s affinity for a natural approach to life’s little ailments continued through her teen years and early adulthood, where she would test homeopathic treatments on herself and her pets, and gain confidence as these holistic methods proved to be as good, or better, than their pharmaceutical counterparts.  Using plant based oils and remedies, Kristie successfully treated herself, her sister, and many friends during bouts with acne, mild fungal issues, and other skin ailments.  Working as a veterinary nurse during college, she listened to pet owners when they described natural remedies that worked for their pets, even when the veterinarians dismissed them in favor of more conventional treatments.
Dedicating herself to researching the wisdom of traditional cultures and their use of healing plants, foods, and herbs, Kristie continues her quest for knowledge by crafting and testing remedies on herself and her family and friends.  She is currently keeping her giant 13 year old dog pain free and limber using a combination of Turmeric, Boswellia Serrata, and CBD oil, and hopes to add this miracle tincture and other pet health formulas to the CannaCure Sciences product line very soon!