Coconut Sugar Scrub


Coconut sugar is made from the boiling down of coconut sap. It is a humectant, which means it draws moisture into the skin. Containing natural glycolic acid, coconut sugar is a superior exfoliator that is especially good at smoothing small bumps caused by ingrown hairs. It can be used before or shaving for a far superior result, and unlike salt, it wont sting freshly shaved skin. The natural glycolic acid is also helpful at fading old acne scars and dark marks on skin. It’s fabulous for hands after yard or garden work, restoring their natural softness and moisture instantly!

Our Coconut Sugar Scrub is blended with Shea butter for extra hydration, and Apricot and Hemp oils to smooth rough dry skin. We also blend in a natural Vanilla fragrance oil to make it smell absolutely delectable! We love to pack it on summer trips, as it really revitalizes skin after a day in the sun and sea. It leaves a soft sheen on the skin and a light lasting fragrance. Keep a tub in your bath, and one in your kitchen for a quick hand revitalization after gardening or washing dishes.

BEST FOR: Routine exfoliating, daily use, light hydration, anti-aging, sun damage, dark spots, working hand care.

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