Citrus Eczema Butter


Blended with rich, soothing Cocoa butter full of nourishing fatty acids to hydrate and restore elasticity to skin, Orange and Bergamot oils to soothe inflammation and Chamomile to ease soreness and redness, our Citrus Eczema Butter is fabulous for those whose skin tends toward the dry side. Cocoa and Shea butters together offer extra moisturizing power for skin that tends to crack or chap. Peppermint oil rounds out this formula, adding a cooling element and energizing scent.

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Inspired by our son Val, who suffered from a persistent case of itchy and irritating case of eczema as a toddler, our Eczema Butters were the first products in our line. Each of the Eczema Butters contain a blend of healing oils that can help to naturally soothe itchy skin while promoting healing. Because every person is different, and every case is different, we’ve designed three blends that have shown the most benefit to our son, and we rotate through these to get the best results for him.


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